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Is it time for a small bathroom remodel? Whether you’re a part of the 33% who can no longer stand their current bathroom, or a part of the 31% of bathroom remodelers whose space no longer works for them — Bathroom in a Box has the small bathroom design options for you!

Avoid wandering around big box stores to find the right solutions on your own. Shop our Bathroom Design Plans from the hundreds on our website that will meet your design style and products’ budget. These  small bathroom design plans are perfect for the DIY’er who is budget driven and wants to take advantage of  the experience, expertise and skill of an Interior Designer.  If you are a pro at DIY projects, but aren’t sure where to begin for the design phase and product planning phase, then this is definitely the best option for your small bathroom remodel. 

Here’s what you need to know about how to work with a small bathroom space:

  1. Identify Your Goals: style, budget, and timeline
  2. Consider Your Space: improving layout issues
  3. Pick out the Right Materials 
  4. Value & Luxury Designs 
  5. Shop Bathroom in a Box DIY Design Plans

Identify Your Goals

When it comes to your small bathroom remodel, identifying your goals can be the perfect place to start. Are you wanting an entire updated, refreshed look without changing any plumbing or electrical? Why are you considering remodeling that small bathroom? Are you looking to keep some elements of your existing bathroom to work with the new? 

By answering these questions, you can start to get a better idea of an outcome. Once you have a good idea of any structural changes, you can move to the next phase of shopping design plans and product budgets..

Visit Bathroom in a Box and get the design plans and material ideas for your bathroom remodel!

Consider Your Space

When identifying your goals for your small bathroom redesign, you’ll also need to consider your space. As design and space go hand in hand, you’ll need to discern what is and is not working in your space. This can also help to determine how much of a remodel you will need to complete. Considering the space of your small bathroom before you begin any remodeling can help to ensure that you get the right solutions, the first time. 

Start with a list of what is not working in your space:

  • The bathroom is too small
  • The bathroom door is always in the way 
  • You don’t have the right storage solutions
  • The counter space is too small
  • The faucet handles are not fully functional
  • You don’t like your shower or tub option
  • The space doesn’t feel like you

Pick out the Right Products

After you’ve identified your goals and considered the space within your small bathroom, you’ll need to pick out the right materials. Especially if you are trying to remodel your bathroom DIY style, finding the right materials and tools that will work for your niche space can be a challenge. Planning a bathroom remodel can often require a lot more materials than you may think, and the challenge continues as the size gets smaller. 

Bathroom in a Box provides efficient, and yet designer created small bathroom designs such as the value #0109  Bathroom Design  or are ready to put your bathroom to the test with the luxury #0109 Bathroom Design, our Shopping Lists will have everything you need to get started! With design solutions varying in product quality, construction, and style, these DIY bathroom remodel solutions bring self-satisfaction over a contractor completed project.

Our small bathroom designs offer contrasting finishes such as a dark wood finish drawer style vanity with white tops, wood textures, patterned floor tiles with a honed finish, free-standing vanities, trending pendant lighting, and neutral color palettes all with amazing design elements. These Bathroom in a Box designs work for a variety of small bathroom remodel or DIY projects as we offer spotlight ready, functional, beautiful and long lasting design and material options.

Value & Luxury Designs 

At Bathroom in a Box, your budget, whether value or luxury, doesn’t have to determine the quality or look of your small bathroom design. With similar design looks and outcomes, but varying prices, our two small bathroom design options of value and luxury bathrooms offer buyers classic, modern designs that showcase that interior designer finish. Small bathroom designs don’t have to be boring. Even with a smaller budget, your Bathroom in a Box designed small bathroom will look elegant, sleek and ready to show off to any house guest. 

#0108: Expensive – Purchase this Bathroom Design: $49 / Estimated Product Budget: $11,237

#0109:  Value – Purchase this Bathroom Design: $49 / Estimated Product Budget: $3,127

#0108: Expensive – Purchase this Bathroom Design: $49 / Estimated Product Budget: $11,237

Both designs include:

  • Pendant Lights
  • Mirror
  • Matte Black Faucets
  • Vanity
  • Toilet
  • Shower Door & Pan
  • Floor & Wall Tile
  • Hamper


#0109: Value – Purchase this Bathroom Design: $49 / Estimated Product Budget: $3,127

Shop Bathroom in a Box DIY Design Plans

If you’re ready to take the steps to create the bathroom of your dreams, Bathroom in a Box has the design plan options made just for you. How large of a project are you envisioning? Are you hoping to replace just a few items in your bathroom remodel like your shower walls, or are you going to address every aspect of your bathroom? While some people might only be in the market for a new sink fixture, others will want to replace the wall color, fixtures, and accessories as part of the bathroom remodel.

Do you need help putting together a bathroom design plan of your own? Bathroom in a Box has everything you need to get started! Contact Bathroom in a Box today!

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