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Your bathroom remodel has to start out with a customized plan that covers everything you want to achieve. If you’re finally taking the leap to begin your bathroom remodel, there can be a lot of options that might overwhelm you. Where should you even start?

In 2021, as more and more consumers are opting for statement making, trending, and easy to care for bathroom designs, considering a slab shower wall may be a good choice for you! Composed of either quartz or porcelain— a slab shower wall is fabricated for your space and ease of maintenance.

There is so much that goes into a bathroom remodel— the layout, materials, fixtures, color and pattern. But when it comes to your shower or tub, are you going to go the modern route with a slab shower wall, or stick to the basics with tile. That’s why we are here. Bathroom in a Box can help you decide which choices are right for your bathroom needs.

Here are 5 considerations to keep in mind for your slab shower wall bathroom design plan:

  • Fabricated for Your Space
  • More Efficient Installation
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Cleaner Aesthetic
  • Available in a Wide Range of Colors and Styles


Fabricated for Your Space

Not only do slab shower walls give your bathroom that coveted minimalist look and feel, solid walls are fabricated to your space. One of the best advantages of quartz or porcelain slabs is that these materials can be manufactured to look like other natural materials. These slab walls appear as though they are actual marble or other natural materials while keeping the advantages of quartz.

Quartz and porcelain walls can come in various patterns, finishes and colors. Choose from a glossy or matte finish for your dream bathroom. The design of your slab shower wall is really up to you. These seamless designs also come in a range of profiles starting at 4mm per slab.

Design your slab walls to fit your specific bathroom wants and needs.


More Efficient Installation

When it comes to typical bathroom designs, you’re probably used to seeing tile with grout that makes up the shower or tub surround— and often extending past those confines as well. Opting for a slab shower wall can not only affect the visual elements of your dream bathroom, but can reduce installation time as the material is being installed in single units.

With tile surrounds, the installation will take upwards of days. However, with slab walls, this is not the case. One of the biggest benefits to going with a slab wall is that the installation time typically takes up only one day, the space is measured using laser devices and the fabrication is done on machines, therefore results in more precision.

While slab walls are much faster to install as they are one solid, connected piece of raw material— it doesn’t mean installation comes easily. A process completed by countertop fabricators, rather than tile installers, these materials require special machines and trucks to carry the dense piece of rock for your bathroom.

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Easy to Maintain

One of the biggest complaints clients have when designing their ultimate bathroom experience has to do with typical tiled showers. As grout and tile can often be difficult to clean and keep clean, slab shower walls are becoming a more popular choice.

If you’re someone who is looking for a design that is trending and easy to maintain, slab walls could be a good choice for you. With only a few pieces of slab needed to complete your vision, the appeal of the finished look and easy cleaning outweighs any cons you could think of.

Remember that the size and dimensions of your current bathroom will have a great effect on your potential bathroom design plan and the amount of quartz or porcelain you can fit into your space.


Cleaner Aesthetic

The style of your dream bathroom is important when it comes to choosing what types of walls to have in your shower or tub. If you’re someone who leans towards a more luxury, minimalist style— a slab shower wall may fit into your personal bathroom design requirements. Tending to fit more of a cleaner aesthetic feel, a slab shower wall can accommodate those with a simpler lifestyle by offering a less cluttered visual.

Top Slab Wall Manufacturers we like to use:

Caesar Stone

How large of a project are you envisioning? Are you hoping to replace just a few items in your bathroom remodel like your shower walls, or are you going to address every aspect of your bathroom? Some people might only be in the market for a new sink fixture while others want to replace the walling, fixtures, and accessories.

Do you need help putting together a bathroom design plan of your own? Bathroom in a Box has everything you need to get started! Contact Bathroom in a Box today!

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