Nashville's Bathroom
Interior Designer

Founder of Bathroom in a Box
Meet Diane Kazan

Founded in Nashville TN, Diane has been a part of the bathroome-design and remodel process for hundreds of bathrooms from high end luxury master bathrooms to budget hall baths over the last decade. She noticed most people don’t have the funds or desire to hire an interior designer. And without resources currently in the marketplace, how can they get an expert DIY bathroom remodel design without the high cost?

She founded Bathroom in a Box to do just that — save you time and money during the budgeting process while providing gorgeous and original DIY Bathroom Design Plans that perfectly fit your needs and taste.

Her experience and expertise in the industry have helped countless people create the bathroom of their dreams. She’s put together a team of experts that share her sensibilities for putting together beautiful DIY Bathroom Design Plans that can be implemented in an easy-to-understand way. And now Bathroom in a Box gives you everything you need to either build an expertly-designed bathroom on your own, or provide detailed plans to your contractor.

Professional Bathroom Design Without the Interior Designer Cost

Each Bathroom in a Box Design Plan has been created by our team of expert interior designers. They know exactly how to curate a beautiful bathroom design so your bathroom remodel will be the bathroom of your dreams.

Our designers have been part of hundreds of bathroom remodels. We keep watch for changing and emerging trends and weigh that against our own design sensibilities to create the best design plans for our customers in all styles and material budgets.

You’ll pay thousands of dollars to have an interior designer guide you through the process of remodeling your bathroom. Bathroom in a Box design plans start as low as $19 for a budget-priced hall bathroom. And from there, your shopping list will include information on every product in your remodel such as the brand, photos, descriptions, model number, a direct link to purchase the item online or at a local store, and a sum total for all included items.

Find the perfect design plan to build a bathroom you love, at a price to love even more.

Beauty and Value for Your Bathroom Design Plan

You don’t need to sacrifice a great-looking space in order to save money on the design. Interior designers offer advice based on their training and experience. Bathroom in a Box offers unique access to great design without the high cost of a designer.

The design process is challenging without this knowledge and experience. Big box stores offer hundreds of bathroom products, but nobody to help you create the plan. Bathroom in a Box takes the guesswork out of this process at a reasonable price.

This user-friendly system quickly provides a roadmap to an expertly-designed bathroom remodel with a designer’s touch.