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Avoid wandering around big box stores to find the right solutions on your own. Shop our Bathroom Design Plans from the hundreds on our website that will meet your design style and products’ budget.

These comprehensive bathroom design plans are perfect for the DIY’er who is budget driven and wants to take advantage of the experience, expertise and skill of an Interior Designer. If you are a pro at DIY projects, but aren’t sure where to begin for the design phase and product planning phase, then this is definitely the best option for your small bathroom remodel.

Here’s what you need to know about choosing your bathroom vanity:

  • Identify Your Style
  • Know the Type You Need
  • Understand Your Price Range
  • Shop Bathroom in a Box DIY Design Plans

Identify Your Style

Every home and bathroom space is different, and finding the right style of vanity for your dream bathroom needs can be tricky on your own. However, with the choice of a bathroom design plan, you can come up with the right, pragmatic solution tailored to your personal style.

When it comes to designing or remodeling your dream bathroom, you’re going to want to find a vanity that reflects your personal style. There are so many ways to figure out your unique style and a design plan can help you blend those ideas.

With a staggering variety of styles, sizes, materials, shapes, and configurations on the market, you’ll want to identify what type of style, material type, and finish you’ll want your vanity to have. Maybe you’ll enjoy a bright tone painted vanity to add a pop of color to your bathroom space, or you might want a classic cabinet, light wood vanity to tie the space together. Whatever style you choose, you will want your vanity to blend cohesively with your bathroom space.

Know the Type You Need

For many, one of the biggest deciding factors that will have a direct influence on your bathroom vanity choice will be the amount of space within your bathroom. For DIY bathroom design projects, recognizing what type of vanity will work for your unique bathroom space will become important to the entire design process. In order to make shopping for your bathroom vanity less overwhelming, our team at Bathroom in a Box put together a quick, comprehensive guide to the most popular types of vanities.

Our DIY design plans make this remodel or design process convenient, fun and relatively simple.

  • Cabinet: this style is installed to where the sides of your vanity will touch one or multiple walls.
  • Free Standing/Furniture: as the name implies, these vanities float away from the side walls.
  • Wall Mount: this vanity style is installed to where the sides can touch a side wall, but it is open under the vanity to reveal the floor. This style gives the illusion of a larger bathroom.
  • Pedestal: these vanities provide an elevated, luxury look to your bathroom and it becomes a statement piece.

Ready to Install Vanity Sizes:

Single Sink: 18”, 21”, 27”, 30”, 36”, 42”, (most common is 30” or 36”)
Double Sink: Start at 48”, 54”, 60”, 66” and 72”

The majority of these vanities come with countertops in various materials, cultured marble, stone, quartz or solid surface.

Visit Bathroom in a Box and get the design plans and material ideas for your bathroom remodel!

Understand Your Price Range
When it comes to your dream bathroom remodel, purchasing the right products can make or break your budget. That includes your vanity. If you’re someone who is handling their bathroom remodel on your own, creating an effective budget that reflects your style, needs and wants can be a challenge.

That’s where Bathroom in a Box can help. With pre-set DIY design plans, you can ensure your bathroom design falls within budget, adheres to your spatial needs and showcases your unique style.

Shop these Bathroom Design Plan that are available in a wide range of vanities styles:

#92 Farnsworth – Free Standing – $2,399

Room & Board: Copenhagen Collection

  • 60”
  • Sage Finish
  • Transitional Style
  • White Quartz Countertop
  • Black Hardware & Metal Base

#77 Henning – Console with Vessel Sink – $3,999
Pottery Barn

  • Rilen Midnight Finish 48”
  • Glass Vessel Style Sink
  • Concrete Top & Lower Shelves: Integrated NativeStone® in Pearl

#81 Ellen – Storage – $899
Allen + Roth

  • 36”
  • Matte Black Hardware
  • Shiplap Paneling
  • Pure White Engineered Stone Countertop
  • Undermount Sink

#62 Dorian – Stain Finish – $1,940.70

  • Sagehill Designs Toby 31”
  • Weathered Oak
  • Black Granite Top & Sink
  • One Fixed & One Operating Drawer

Shop Bathroom in a Box DIY Design Plans

If you’re ready to take the next step to create the bathroom of your dreams, Bathroom in a Box has the design plan options for you. How large of a project are you envisioning? Are you hoping to replace just a few items in your bathroom remodel like your shower walls, or are you going to address every element of your bathroom? While some people might only be in the market for a new sink fixture, others will want to replace the wall color, fixtures, and accessories as part of the bathroom remodel.

Do you need help putting together a bathroom design plan of your own? Bathroom in a Box has everything you need to get started! Contact Bathroom in a Box today!

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