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Why are bathroom remodels so costly as compared with other remodel projects in the house? Because bathrooms are the smallest room in the house (makes it difficult to work in) and are also the most complex.  As a result, the cost of the remodel per square foot is more.

A bathroom remodel is made up of labor: general and licensed and products.  The average bathroom has over twenty items; vanity, door hardware, sink, faucet counter top, mirror, light fixture, exhaust fan, toilet plus toilet flush handle (standard is chrome), floor tile, shower pan, shower surround for example tile, shower faucet, shower faucet, valve, tub, tub faucet, valve, shower door, and paint, plus building materials, e.g thinset grout, and plywood. 

American Standard Town SquareWhereas the cost of labor is market driven, the product cost can be controlled. For example, I just finished designing a bathroom featuring an American Standard fixture package in a brushed nickel at a little over two thousand. That number could easily exceed ten thousand for a high end fixture package, say Brizo in matte gold.

Also, there is a high cost of labor and it varies dramatically from region to region in the United States.  And in today’s flourishing economy, the demand
on labor, and low employment has forced labor prices even higher for all trades; electrician, plumber, tile setter and general labor.  Though of all the trades involved in a remodel, the plumbing is the biggest percentage of the project.

It’s expensive to be a plumber too, there is the cost of training to become a plumber, then it takes years to gain the experience to be proficient.  Then there is the cost of tools, a truck, general liability insurance and hiring helpers.  The plumber also assumes the risk of making plumbing connections that will last until the next bathroom remodel.  Lastly, plumbing is not the most “odor-free” trade.   

Cost of Remodeling a BathroomNow how can you control the labor costs? The least expensive remodel is when the rough plumbing (the plumbing lines you don’t see) remain in the same location.  It can increase dramatically if that layout is altered.  For example, a wall mounted faucet that would require that the plumbing be changed from a counter top mounted faucet (assumes this is an inside wall). 

Why Bathroom in a Box?

Shopping for products for an upcoming bathroom remodel?  Is this a project you are going to tackle yourself because you are skilled and have experience?  But you admit you are not an interior designer, and that’s OK.  That’s why Bathroom in a Box was created.

Bathroom in a Box was created for the Do-It-Yourselfer or homeowner with a contractor.  The packages of bathroom products that our designers have created include everything you need for a bathroom remodel, from the vanity to the shower valve.

Better yet, all of the selected products are chosen to coordinate and give you the style you were looking for and is important you know in advance what the total cost of those products are before you check out.  Genius.

Each package is less than $100 and range from traditional to contemporary to the in between transitional. 

Once you make your selection and check out, a Collection Shopping List will be sent to your inbox with links to each retailer for each item.  

Don’t sacrifice quality over price in a bathroom remodel.  


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