How does the process start to create a design collection? As an interior designer, I love to follow trends in bathroom design. I’ll see a bathroom inspiration on a website or on Pinterest that I’ll create a collection around, or I’ll spot a vanity and start from there. Sometimes, I’ll spot a great-looking light fixture and an entire collection is designed around that fixture. Yes, it takes me hours to create a collection and oftentimes, I work on more than one, and bounce back and forth within the ten at a time theory. As an experienced bathroom designer, it’s even challenging for me, but I love the challenge and how the collections come together!

10 Design Collections at a TimeBathroom in a Box

When I create design collections, I create 10 collections at a time. I advise starting with a vanity with consideration for the finish, size, and price, but especially the style — contemporary, traditional and transitional. No matter the style, the outcome can be more feminine, more masculine or somewhere in between. It can be very detailed or more simple depending on the composition.

The majority of design collections work in the standard hall bath, smaller master bath and powder room. The vanity, faucet, light fixture and mirror will always work together, whereas the tile following is based on an assumption of a standard size. However, the collection price is representative of the anticipated cost.

The vanity dictates the look of the design collection and the price of the entire collection. If it is a higher priced vanity, no matter the style, the rest of the collection will be priced accordingly (a more expensive faucet, light fixture, etc.).

Why Bathroom in a Box?

For less than $100, you can have confidence that your purchase will guarantee a designer outcome. Bathroom in a Box saves you shopping time, but more importantly, even if you were prepared to make the investment in time, can the outcome be as you planned?

With Bathroom in a Box, all products featured in our collections can be ordered online with the exception of the occasional products such as an ONYX shower pan or custom vanity that is ordered by a local retailer. All of our design collections include (depending if it is a hall bath, or master powder room) the following products: 

  • Vanity
  • Light fixture
  • Mirror
  • Faucet
  • Toilet
  • Flooring
  • Shower pan
  • Tub
  • Tile or single panel surround
  • Shower faucet (which may include a fixed head, rain head, or some combination there in)

When a customer purchases a design collection, a shopping list is sent to their inbox. That shopping list has links for each product to each website or retail location. The products come from a wide range of sources from big box stores like Lowes and The Home Depot, and also Shades of Light, Moreno, Lili Tile, Hudson Lighting and more, much more.

In my 20 years of experience in the industry, I haven’t seen any alternatives in the marketplace that offer this comprehensive service. It’s innovative, smart, and consumer-driven. Bathroom in a Box is here to simplify the process — saving homeowners time and money.

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