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DIY Online Bathroom Interior Design Made Easy!

Are you shopping for products for your bathroom upgrade, Bathroom in a Box is your answer.  Bathroom in a Box is a DIY online bathroom interior design company.  Whether you are a DIY or you are working with a contractor, Bathroom in a Box is your best resource on the internet. Each collection is created by a talented interior designer who choose the products based on style, price how they will work together and then budget.  The collections run from $25 - $75, depending on complexity.  When you add the collection you like in your shopping cart you will get a Shopping List: individual photo of the product, description, model number, brand and a link where to purchase.  Does is get any easier?

Bathroom in a Box is like hiring an interior designer for your bathroom remodel.

Guaranteed "designer" results. 

BATHROOM IN A BOX - DIY Online Bathroom Interior Design

Whether you want to remodel your bathroom yourself or are working with a contractor, your can count on Bathroom in a Box. Shopping our online bathroom product collections ensures predictable results at a predictable price.

About Bathroom In A Box
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About Bathroom In A Box

Our founder and creative head, Diane, has an interior design degree and throughout her career has designed and managed hundreds of kitchens and baths. However, there are not easy solutions for homeowners who want a "designer" look for their bathroom, but don't have the resources to hire and interior designer.  There are big box stores that offer hundreds of bathroom products, but there is no one that will help the customer select products for their remodel. So what's the answer?  It's Bathroom in a Box is the answer.  The customer can select bathroom products that are presented in collections.  Then the decision becomes which collection best fits their style and budget. The outcome is a predicted result with a designer's touch.

  • When remodeling think carefully about moving plumbing for the sink, toilet and tub as this the most expensive remodel.

Bathroom in a Box



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