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From lighting to mixed finishes, we’re sharing Part 2 of our favorite bathroom trends. These trends are sure to upgrade your space and give you the luxury touch you’ve always wanted. If you happened to miss Part 1 of our series, click here.

7. Patterned Tile


This is a great trend and provides fresh, bold new options for spaces. Patterned tile, often in bright colors, is an expression of our booming economy. Although unique, patterned tile is a big commitment and largely based on what’s currently trending. Trends don’t usually last as long as in previous decades primarily due to social media, and as consumers, we can be fickle. We see something new and follow it, changing our minds with each coming trend.

You can use patterned tile for bathroom floors and accent walls for tub and shower surrounds. Patterned tile is available in cement and porcelain, but there are more versions in cement composition than porcelain. Cement requires more skill to install and more care than porcelain. Styles are available in traditional and contemporary patterns.


8. Under Vanity Lighting

Bathroom Trends   Bathroom Trends

If it’s time for a remodel, consider under vanity lighting. More than likely, you’ll need to run or move wiring to accommodate new lighting over the vanity mirror. Consider running LED lighting to the space under the toe kick too. The cost of labor and materials are a value compared to all the benefits this lighting offers, including:

  • Acting as a night light: At night, there is enough light to see, providing an upscale light experience, compared to plug in devices.
  • Adding to the look of the vanity: Provides a polished, high-end look that offers an additional light source, whether it’s over the vanity, recessed, fan light, or casting a light on the floor as “floor” lighting.


9. Wall-Mounted Fixtures



There are typically three choices in bathroom plumbing faucets: Single control, 4” widespread and 8” widespread. However, have you considered a fourth option — wall mounted? Like a deck-mounted tap (which is installed on the countertop behind the sink), a wall-mounted tap attaches to the wall behind the sink and extends over the sink. Wall-mounted faucets are not as common and therefore, more expensive due to demand.

People choose a wall-mounted fixture because of its clean appearance, novelty, and its ability to make a bold statement. A faucet is more noticeable on a wall than a vertical surface.

Wall-mounted faucets are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes. Why would I prefer a wall-mounted faucet over a deck-mounted one? Simply the fact that it’s easier to keep the area in the back of your sink clean.

10. Mixing Finishes

Bathroom Trends

There are many options for finishes including matte black (surface is matte, not reflective), ceramic tile (has movement to the surface and catches angles softly), rough hewn lumber (has texture), and countertop materials that aren’t polished but honed (not shiny). Although traditionally porcelain, there are sinks with mixed finishes like the Native Trails sink, which is concrete and matte (proprietary formula) and is available in several colors. This is a trend to keep your eye on.

11. Pendants and Sconces

Bathroom Trends

Getting tired of the typical fixture over the mirror? Consider pendants or sconces. Pendants are mounted on the ceiling and sconces are paired on either side of a mirror, or one sconce over the mirror. They are available in many styles and finishes and can make a big statement in the bathroom, as well as providing an optimal source of lighting.

12. Vanity Colors

Bathroom Trends
Selecting vanity colors can be a difficult challenge because it seems most people like a painted vanity, but few want to commit to a “semi-permanent” decision. The color options are endless — pale pink, all shades of blue from sky to navy, and green hues from hunter to mint. Vanity colors are bold and fresh, giving homeowners the luxury touch they’ve always wanted in their bathroom.

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  1. I really like your idea to play around with pendant lighting if we want something a bit non-traditional for our bathroom. I want to treat myself for my birthday next month by having the master bathroom in my single-family home remodeled. Thanks for teaching me what ideas to consider to make sure our finished bathroom is modern and stylish!

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