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Our interior designers at Bathroom in a Box are always on the lookout for new trends. Here’s the first half of our list, featuring trends we love and what you’ll want to have in your next bathroom renovation. 
1. Larger Showers
Bathroom Trends

If a bathroom is limited in size, then absolutely consider a larger shower and do not replace the tub. Make the shower larger—you’ll be glad you did. It’s also OK to have a master bathroom without a bathtub. A larger shower is better than a small shower with a tub. To make room, remove the walls and install glass panels. Trending now is two full walls of custom glass with a minimal number of brackets and hinges in a wide range of finishes. Custom glass is flush to the space, even if the walls are not plumb.

2. Free Standing Tubs

Bathroom Trends

Free Standing Tubs are preferred over a built-in or drop-in, in part due to the number of shapes, sizes, quality and price points. These tubs are striking statement pieces and have two distinct styles: Deck Mount Plumbing and Floor Mount Plumbing. The floor mount plumbing is the preferred style as it makes more of a statement, however, plumbing is also more expensive as it is made up of two parts: faucet and valve. Another option is the freestanding tub with wall mounted plumbing.

An added benefit to free standing tubs is that a bathroom will feel larger as there is more floor space to view. A deck mounted tub takes up an extreme amount of square footage, of which typically there is not a lot of in a bathroom.

3. Fixture Finishes: Matte Fixtures

Bathroom Trends Bathroom Trends

While brushed nickel is still popular, anything matte, especially matte gold and black is trending. In fact, matte finishes are popular in all categories: quartz countertops, paint finishes, and tile. As the economy improves, manufacturers are offering more options. The matte gold faucets are available in single control, 4” speed and 8” widespread. Since they are relatively new, they make big bold statements and tend to stand out a little more, but are more costly.

4. Oversized Shower Storage

Bathroom Trends

Until recently, shower niches were boxy cubbies, no wider than the width between the studs. Some were square, or narrow and tall, or several square boxes. They offered limited storage, but fit the space. Now, we are willing to go with larger horizontal spaces, or when possible, a ledge that runs corner to corner. This is a great idea, but there needs to be consideration for the adjacent space.

Now, let’s concentrate on the boxes recessed in the wall — why not go wide? Because it requires reframing of the studs to accommodate a wider box. No, it’s not expensive. As the boxes are extended, now the new space is a win-win, as it creates additional storage and a focal point, whether it is a contrasting or coordinating tile.


5. Curb less



A curbless shower, where the adjacent floor is flush with the shower pan (part you stand on), or open-concept, curbless showers are a concept that’s growing in popularity—and for good reason. Curbless showers offer accessibility and lots of flexibility in design. And when we remove the barriers for our shower, we also create a seamless look in the bathroom making it look and feel bigger, especially if the tile in the shower is the same to the adjacent floor. Keep in mind, there is a purpose for curbless showers. They are functional for people with mobility challenges, making it much easier to “shuffle” on a flat surface then stepping up and over a 4” step.

6. LED Mirrors

Bathroom Trends

An LED vanity mirror, is the perfect idea for anyone who wants an upscale look, but also demands function. Instead of purchasing a standard bathroom mirror and then having to buy and install separate lighting, an LED bathroom mirror will give you both with less hassle.


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  1. It stood out to me when you said that large shower niches can provide a design focal point in addition to additional storage. My aunt mentioned she wants to start working with a bathroom remodeling service to increase the style in her single-family home. I’ll have to share this info and see if she’s interested in incorporating a large shower niche into the project!

    • It really is a great idea to incorporate a larger niche, all too often they are an after thought, whereas it is relatively for the contractor to accommodate after the demo is complete. It allows for a larger tile to be used, 12″ x 24″ or a repeat of a mosaic tile to make a style statement. We do offer E-Design as option to ensure the results are your taste and budget.

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