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Get a complete DIY bathroom design plan created by a professional! Bathroom in a Box reduces the cost, stress, and headache of the design element of DIY bathroom remodeling.

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 Bathroom Design and Remodel Process

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Before starting the construction, perform an inventory of your purchase products before you or your contractor starts your bathroom remodel project.

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A Design Consultation is a time to listen to whatever challenges you are having with your bathroom project. Are you planning a refresh, upgrade or a complete bathroom makeover? Could it help to talk with a bathroom design expert?  The answer is probably yes.



Schedule a 30 minute design conversation for $25 to talk about your project and answer your specific questions

No matter what you’re looking for in a bathroom remodel, we have a Bathroom Design for you created by professional bathroom designers. Here are a few popular Bathroom Designs:

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Meet Diane Kazan, Founder of Bathroom in a Box

Bathroom Bathroom Design and Remodel Expert

Diane has been a part of the design and remodel process for hundreds of bathrooms from high end master bathrooms to budget hall baths over the last decade. First founded in Nashville TN, she noticed most people don’t have the funds or desire to hire a bathroom interior designer. And without resources currently in the marketplace, how can they get an expert DIY bathroom remodel design layout without the high cost?

She founded Bathroom in a Box to do just that — save you time and money during the budgeting process while providing gorgeous and original DIY Bathroom Design Plans that perfectly fit your needs and taste.

Her experience and expertise in the industry have helped countless people create the bathroom of their dreams. She’s put together a team of experts that share her sensibilities for putting together beautiful DIY Bathroom Design Plans that can be implemented in an easy-to-understand way. And now Bathroom in a Box gives you everything you need to either build an expertly-designed bathroom on your own, or provide detailed plans to your contractor.

Master Bathroom Remodel Project, Franklin, TN

Professional Bathroom Design Without the interior Designer Cost

I created Bathroom in a Box to provide bathroom designs for the consumer who is looking for great design, but who isrecludant to hire a designer.

Design Tip

Hall Bath Refresh: Is your shower door looking shabby? Then remove it and create the wow factor with a Shower curtain. It can add pattern, texture and is inexpensive compared with a new shower door. Here’s an inspired look from Pottery Barn, Sunflower Shower Curtain


Today I Learned…

Small Bathroom? Time to replace the toilet, which is not expensive. Shop for a 10” rough in toilet, rather than the more common 12” style. And consider a round vs. an elongated. Both of these features add floor space to your bathroom, actual and perceived square footage. Toilet: 10″ Rough-In & Round Shape 


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