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Your Bathroom Stylist!

  • Frustrated with the process of finalizing ‘the look’ for your bathroom remodel? Don’t have the time to select the products and concerned if they will coordinate??
  • So you have selected a contractor and he said just have all of your products at the house ready for install? Now what do you do?
  • Opted for the DIY way for your bathroom design? Great, but now you will only know it when you see it but where do you go?

Bathroom in a Box is your one-stop solution if you are caught up in such scenarios!

Founded by Diane Kazan, Bathroom in a Box is committed to answer the challenge related to bathroom design and remodeling. We support you in achieving a beautifully curated bathroom through our Collections of Bathroom Products and were gathered to ensure success.  This ensures the  DIY success to achieve their vision and within their budget.

Bathroom in the Box Project

Bathroom Design Made Easy, Choose from Collections of Bathroom Products

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As a Kitchen & Bathroom Designer and a Bathroom Stylist + Influencer, Diane feels that everyone should have a bathroom that is well designed but also fits their budget. Bathroom in the Box offers bathroom products sorted in collections to make it easy for you. So we made it easy as the collections are organized by price range and style.

Wondering what it takes to remodel a bathroom?
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    Don’t Start Yet! Do yourself a favor, act like a professional and have all of the materials on site before you start the job. as that’s is what the professional contractors do

Bathroom in the Box is an online design solution for your bathroom remodel project. The process is easy, so sit down and and review our stylish and budget friendly Collections of Bathroom Products.  Bet you will find a Collection that fits your style and your budget.
Steps to Achieve the Bathroom to Impress:

  • 1 Review the Collection Style Boards and choose the one that fits your design style and your budget. All of the shopping is done online.
  • 2 Choose your Collection and add to your Shopping Cart
  • 3 You will receive an itemized Shopping List that includes product name, product number, where to buy.
  • 4 Resources include, walk in stores: Pottery Barn, Lowes, Target, Home Depot or online
  • 5 Just add the labor and the result is a Bathroom to impress.

The Bathroom Stylist will ensure results to be proud of.

Have a few questions about The Collection you purchased?

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    Exposed wall-mounted showers can be used both indoors and outdoors, and in situations where in-wall plumbing is a problem. Here is a selection of good choices.

Bathroom in a Box is Online Bathroom Design Service. We offer Collections of Bathroom Products designed by style or price. It’s an affordable alternative to the traditional way of hiring a designer or wandering around a big box since everything is delivered right to your via email. This is perfect for the Do-It-Yourself person or considering hiring a contractor.

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